Hezbollah Prepares to Attack Sunni Minority in Lebanon

Hezballah is preparing to strike Sunnis in southern Lebanon.
Iran Press News reported:

Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seeyasah: Lebanese Hezbollah consider the victory of the pro-government candidates in southern Lebanon to be a challenge. Quoting a Lebanese parliamentarian, Al-Seeyasah reports that Hezbollah leaders and members of the Amel Organization are working to prevent the March 14th Alliance candidates (who support the Lebanese government) from winning in the parliamentary elections held in the city of Saida, in the southern part of that country; such a victory could mean that the American- Saudi plan is succeeding over the Tehran-Damascus plan. According to this source, Hezbollah and Amel groups have prepared themselves for a confrontation with Fouad Siniora’s supporters should they win in southern Lebanon.

Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi

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