GP on "Allman in the Morning" at 7:45 AM Before Obama Protest

Recently I became a Monday morning regular on Allman in the Morning on KSDK 97.1 FM in St. Louis.
They even put together a little introduction for the segment.

This morning I will be on with Jamie Allman and Denys Schaefer at 7:45 AM.
(They moved me up from my regular 6:25 AM slot.)

This morning we will be talking about the “100 Disastrous Days” Protest at Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri later this morning. President Obama is planning on bragging about his historic spending binge.
We plan on protesting The Arrogant One’s assault on freedom and the free market.

The White House said that they plan on controlling the message today.
We hope that we can send out a message of our own.


Jamie Allman is the host of this very popular morning show in St. Louis.
Denys Schaefer co-hosts the show with Jamie.
You can listen online by going to the website here.

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