UK Radical Muslims Vow to Continue Abusing British Troops

A group of Muslims waved placards at a parade in early March as soldiers approached Luton town centre after their second tour in Iraq within two years. (Daily Mail)

This week the radical Muslims vowed to continue abusing British troops.
The Evening Standard reported:

Exiled Omar Bakri, his follower Anjem Choudary and Ishtiaq Alamgir, the man who led the recent protest against troops in Luton, said Muslims should continue to insult British soldiers and attack “evil” democracy and freedom of speech, no matter what the consequences.

They said British forces had “blood on their hands” and warned that Britain could face more terror attacks if it did not accept “the truth of Islam”.

The clerics spoke at a hotel in Walthamstow, with Bakri appearing by video link from Lebanon.

They accused soldiers in Iraq of carrying out torture, rape and murder and also called for the introduction of Sharia law to Britain, saying non-Muslims who did not accept it should leave the country.

The fanatical Muslims were placed under police protection after they abused the British troops returning from Iraq.

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