Obama Pushes Massive Budget At 2nd Press Conference

The TelePrompter is rolling…
The Thief in Chief is pushing another historic spending bill at his press conference tonight from the White House.

Democrats already are quadrupling the deficit this year with their historic spending bills.

But, Obama wants more, more, more…

Obama’s budget would significantly increase public held national debt. In the long run, Washington is dumping a colos­sal amount of debt into the laps of our children and grandchildren.

Obama addressed the nation tonight at his second press conference.
Obama feigns outrage at AIG Scandal.


Obama says cap and trade is best way he knows to move to alternative sources.
The truth is that cap and trade has failed in Europe and that instead of reducing greenhouse gases that carbon dioxide emissions are actually increasing.

Obama just compared his historic spending to the Bush debt he inherited. That is a gross distortion of the truth. (See chart above)

Obama gets question about AIG and the debt he will leave his daughters. He says he is bending the curve on the deficit?
And, Obama says in his socialized health care plans will somehow help the deficit.

Obama says it took a couple of days to address the AIG scandal because he likes to think before he speaks…
Two days to think about the AIG Scandal?
It took most Americans about 5 minutes to get outraged.

Obama just proposed raising taxes on “the rich” in regards to charities. Obama says charities are wrong who say this will impact charitable giving.

Weirdest question of the night: What will you do about the tent cities sprouting up across America and homeless children living under bridges?
–What country is this loon living in?

The most radical pro-abortion president ever just said he struggled over funding embryonic stem cell research. It certainly didn’t seem to bother him when he was supporting infanticide back in Illinois.

Unreal… Some loon just attacked Israel for the Palestinian conflict.

Obama just patted himself on the back for sending a nutty greeting to the people and leadership of Iran.

After an hour- it’s over.

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