Taliban Destroy NATO Trucks– Kill 50 In Mosque Blast

The Long War Journal reported today that a Taliban suicide bomber killed more than 50 worshipers and wounded more than 125 in an attack at a mosque in Pakistan’s tribal areas along the border with Pakistan.

Also, Taliban militants destroyed 12 NATO trucks at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border today.
The AFP reported:

Taliban militants in Pakistan on Saturday destroyed 12 parked trucks laden with supplies for NATO forces in neighbouring Afghanistan during a heavy battle with police, an official said.

Fighters armed with rockets and petrol bombs besieged the Farhad terminal on the edge of the northwest city Peshawar, police said, the latest in a series of strikes targeting goods bound for foreign forces across the border.

The Globe and Mail announced today that the Afghanistan War is now “Obama’s War.”
If the Islamic militants understand this and continue to execute successful attacks on the military and innocent civilians, it’s only a matter of time before “Obama’s War” becomes “Obama’s Big Cut and Run.”

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