Soros Warns That Britain Is Looking at Possible Depression- May Seek IMF Rescue

The Soros-funded Far Left think tank Center for American Progress helped shape the Obama Administration’s agenda.

This group is led by former Clinton and current Obama advisor John Podesta.

George Soros, the man who broke the Bank of England, warned today that England may need to seek assistance from the IMF to bail it out of its current crisis.

Soros also warned of a global depression
The Times Online reported, via LGF:

Britain may have to go to the IMF for a huge financial bailout, the influential investor George Soros warns today.

The man who made $1 billion on Black Wednesday in 1992 told The Times that Britain was particularly vulnerable to the economic crisis.

Mr Soros – speaking days after an auction of government bonds failed for the first time in 14 years, ringing alarm bells about Britain’s ability to fund its growing debts – said that Gordon Brown might have to go begging for billions of pounds in international aid. He also warned that next week’s G20 summit in London was the last chance to avert a full-scale depression that could prove worse than that in the 1930s.

He was not optimistic about the G20 meeting, saying the odds were that it would fail because there were so many differences of opinion. The price could be years of economic devastation worse than the Great Depression. “It is really a make-or-break occasion.”

Earlier this week, Soros announced that he made $1.1 billion during the current crisis.

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