Rush: Pelosi, Obama & Democrats Are Lying Through Their Teeth About AIG Bonuses

Rush Limbaugh reported yesterday that Democrats are lying through their teeth about the AIG bonuses… “It was in the stimulus bill that was written in Nancy Pelosi’s damned office.”
Rush reported:

“The Congressional Budget Office…” Everybody was waiting for this number today. “The Congressional Budget Office says that the federal deficit this year will now top $1.8 trillion.” That is exactly half of Obama’s proposed budget: $1.8 trillion. The Democrat Party was having cows when the Bush deficit was $400 billion. This is $1.8 trillion, and there’s no end in sight to the new spending. This is to destroy the individual and liberty and freedom and the capitalist system that made this country great. $1.8 trillion. But we live in a bipolar culture, and the people who blindly support Barack Obama, who think of him as nothing more than a cool celebrity, don’t even have an idea what a budget is, much less a deficit — and they certainly don’t think it’s bad if it’s his…

…A $1.8 trillion budget — that’s trillion with a “T”. Tim Geithner. Thanks to Ed Morrissey at Tim Geithner, the tax cheat and the secretary of the Treasury, and Congress claim that they were blindsided by the AIG bonuses late last week before anybody had a chance to stop AIG from paying the bonuses. I can’t tell you how flipping mad what happened yesterday in the House of Representatives makes me…

It was in the stimulus bill that was written in Nancy Pelosi’s damned office! Those bonuses were exempted, limits on those bonuses were exempted. The bonuses were known when they wrote the stimulus bill. It happened in Nancy Pelosi’s office, and Barney Frank helped write it. They passed a law, and they sent it to the president, and good old Special Olympics- teleprompter Obama signed the damn thing. Would never have happened, had they not exempted it. It was in the bill, it was in the law, and they act yesterday like they got blindsided. And they act yesterday like somebody pulled a trick on them. I detest these people. If the mob is mad, if the mob is angry — go ahead and be mad at AIG, if you want, if you want to follow popular sentiment.

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