Oops!… North Dakota Suffers Record Cold Year But Obama Blames Global Warming For Flooding Anyway

Mr. Junk Science Goes to Washington…
North Dakota is experiencing record cold temperatures this year.
In fact North Dakota is experiencing a one state deep freeze:

NCDC-NOAA US Climate Map

But, that didn’t stop Barack Obama from blaming global warming for the massive floods in North Dakota this week.
The Scientific American reported:

President Obama says potentially historic flood levels in North Dakota are a clear example of why steps need to be taken to stop global warming. Heavy rain and blizzards have caused eight rivers in the state to swell to flood levels and emergency management officials are warily watching the Red River, which could surpass record levels late this week.

“If you look at the flooding that’s going on right now in North Dakota and you say to yourself, ‘If you see an increase of two degrees, what does that do, in terms of the situation there?'” Obama told reporters at the White House Monday. “That indicates the degree to which we have to take this seriously.”

Island Turtle has more:


President Obama declared the Red River floods in North Dakota and Minnesota a wake up call to take global warming seriously. As with most global warming alarmists, he opened his mouth before checking the facts. In reality North Dakota and Minnesota, the sources of the Red River, had a much colder than normal winter (Dec-Feb). For North Dakota it was the 18th coldest and for Minnesota the 19th coldest in the past 114 years.

Here’s another map from the NCDC-NOAA:

Sadly, the liberal media won’t bother to check out the facts on this latest Obama blunder.

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