Off To Spain

The Puerta de Alcalá (“Alcalá Gate”) is a monument in the Plaza de la Independencia (“Independence Square”) in Madrid, Spain, very close to the city centre and several meters away from the main entrance to the Parque del Buen Retiro.

I will be in the air between the US and Europe when you get this post.
For the next week I’ll be traveling Spain with my sister and some of her students from rural Iowa.
I am really looking forward to this trip.

I purchased Verizon global wireless internet service for the venture. We’ll see how it works. The customer support has been terrific so far. It is expensive, though.
So, I do plan on blogging while we are touring this week.
I also hope to post some photos from our daily excursions.
I hope you all have a great week.


UPDATE: It’s 5:30 CST. (11:30 AM Spanish Time) I’ve just set up in my sister’s room. My room will not be available for a few hours. We’re off to the museums this afternoon. It is beautiful here. Many of the trees are blooming.

UPDATE 2: We went to the wonderful art museums today. I think we walked about 5 miles after sitting for hours at JFK and flying the Atlantic. I am dog tired.

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