Obama In Europe: Will Continue to Bash America & Bush

Barack and Michelle Obama arrived in Great Britain today.
He plans on speaking to European allies this week and bashing America and Bush.
The BBC reported:

Our correspondent says President Obama will assert that the US has changed, that America is willing to listen and engage, but he will also insist that America still has the capacity to pull the world in the right direction.

A White House spokesman stressed the president would “listen in London as well as lead”.

So, how long will Team Obama go abroad and apologize to the world for America?
Team Obama is sooo embarrassed that the former president took America to War in Iraq after only 14(?) UN resolutions and a terrorist attack that killed 3,000 Americans.

Of course, it was a Democratic led Congress that voted to go to War in Iraq. But, since when did facts count? And, of course, the Iraqis have a functioning democracy now instead of a genocidal dictator. But, since when did freedom count?
The actions by democrats and Team Obama are shameful.
But, don’t expect the media to argue about it. They agree.

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