Obama to Release Gitmo Detainees in US Who Were Trained By Al-Qaeda– Group Linked to Several Bombings & Planned Attack On Olympics

The Obama Administration announced on Friday that they were planning on releasing “non-threatening” Gitmo detainess inside the US. Team Obama even wants to give these terrorists financial assistance.

The main group of terrorists in question are the 17 Uighur Muslim separatists from China.
Team Obama says they are not a threat. But, who are they then and what are they doing in Gitmo?
FOX News host Eric Shawn and Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cowan discussed these Gitmo detainees this morning:

The Uighur terrorists in question were trained by Al-Qaeda at terror training camps. Shawn noted that some of the Uighur detainees were trained in Tora Bora. They are also linked to the terror group that was planning attacks on the Beijing Olympic.

The Chinese Muslim separatists killed 16 policemen in an explosion last year.

Chinese security guards patrol the area where an explosion killed 16 policemen in Kashgar in China’s far northwestern, mainly Muslim Xinjiang region on August 4. (AFP)


This was followed by a series of bombings on a dozen government sites in Kuqa City in China the following week.

They sound like a nice bunch, huh?

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