Good News!… Petraeus Planning 2010 Visit to Iowa

This ought to shake things up.
Look for the liberal media attacks on General Petraeus to begin any day now.

It is being reported that General Petraeus is not impressed with the liberal president Obama’s war strategy.
Of course, this makes perfect sense. Surely, Petraeus does not want to see Obama unravel all of the progress from the Bush years in the War on Terror.
The London Spectator reported, via Free Republic:

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that General Petraeus is planning on delivering the commencement address at the University of Iowa in 2010.”

So reports Michael Goldfarb, late of the McCain campaign, on the magazine’s blog.

Petraeus going to Iowa, a state he doesn’t have previous ties to, is going to create a huge amount of buzz about his presidential ambitions because the Iowa Caucuses kick off the whole presidential nomination process. If he does, deliver the address—and Petraeus must know this—it will be seen as a sign that he is thinking about running in 2012.

Previously, it has been thought that Petraeus would not run against a president who had been his Commander in Chief. But there are reports of tension between Petraeus and Obama over both Iraq and Afghan strategy.

Very little is known about Petraues’s politics and no one knows how he would make the transition from soldier to politician. But if he did enter the race, it would shake things up dramatically. He would instantly become a top tier candidate and the most serious threat to Obama’s chances of winning a second term.

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