Brrrr… Global Warming Activists Battle Snow & Ice at DC Protest (Photos)


It wasn’t quite what they were expecting.
The Capital Climate Action Protest was held today in Washington DC.
It’s just too bad that Mother Nature greeted the junk science enthusiasts with a record storm and a foot of snow.

Capital Climate Action has live streaming video from the chilly rally.
Power Shift posted photos.

Bundle up, kids.

Global Warming guru Dr. James Hansen from NASA urged mass civil disobedience at the protest today. Hansen wants all coal-firing plants shut down.

More… Enviro-nut Nancy Pelosi was snowed out from the protest after her flight was cancelled.

UPDATE: Congressman Lujan (D-NM) spoke at the global warming protest.
The protesters want to ban all coal-fired plants in the US:

These loons have no idea how America will provide electricity to the masses without coal.
But, it doesn’t matter.
Stop Tar Sands- Climate Justice Now.

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