Geert Wilder's Party Soars in Polls Since His Denial of Entry Into UK

Geert Wilder’s People’s Freedom Party has soared in the most recent polls.
Wilder’s party took the lead for the first time ever after the government decided that Wilders could be prosecuted and after he was denied entry into Great Britain.
Vlad Tepes and Free Republic reported:

The Party for the Freedom of Geert Wilders is according to a survey of Maurice de Hond the largest party if elections were held now. It is for the first time that in a survey the Freedom Party obtains most of the seats.

According to De Hond Wilders’ party would get 27 seats, one more than the conservative Christian-Democrats (CDA). The PvdA (Labor-Socialists) stands according to De Hond at 21; Liberal D66 is with 19 seats the fourth party.

Since the Court of Justice ruled six weeks ago Wilders should be prosecuted, the Freedom Party surged with 10 seats. Wilders also came in the news because him was denied the access to Great Britain.

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