Eric Holder & Hillary Propose Ban On Assault Weapons (Video)

Look Out– Here Come the Gun Grabbers…
Team Obama, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder, are talking about reinstating the assault weapons ban.

Hillary told told Mexican authorities yesterday that the use of military-style assault weapons was a particular concern, and she would discuss reimposing a ban on their sale.

Of course, this is based on flawed information as most of these weapons entering Mexico are being smuggled from Central American countries or by sea.
And, a ban on US weapons would do nothing to thwart the sale of grenade launchers and anti-tank launchers.
But, this doesn’t seem to matter to democrats.

FOX News reported:

President Obama voted 4 times to allow criminal charges against homeowners who defended their homes and property with a gun during his legislative career.

It’s no wonder then that Obama was awarded the “Gun Salesman of the Year” by Outdoor Wire.

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