Congress Gives Itself a Boost In Spending Bigger Than Domestic Programs

We all need to sacrifice.
Well, everyone but those lucky enough to be a member of the Pelosi-Reid Congress.

They gave themselves a raise last month.
They now make $174,000 a year for their 3 day work week.

The US may be in recession, but like the president, the members of Congress won’t feel the pinch this year.

The Pelosi-Reid Congress also gave each lawmaker an extra $93,000 in petty cash to spend this year.


And now they just gave themselves an 11% increase in spending.
McClatchy reported:

Congress wants to boost spending on itself by nearly 11 percent this year, an increase that’s part of a massive spending bill that has smaller increases for most agencies that deal with public health, education, energy, and other domestic needs.

The congressional budget, which the Senate is considering this week as part of a $410 billion fiscal 2009 spending bill, is higher than the 8 percent overall boost for most domestic programs.

As a result, Congress now appears well on track to approve spending $4.4 billion on itself, up from $3.97 billion last year.

Hat Tip George Smathers

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