CNN Analyst: Rush Limbaugh Represents the "Angry White Man"

CNN Political Analyst William Schneider says Rush Limbaugh represents “Angry White Men” like he did in 1994 when he was the prophet of “Angry White Men”:

Does that mean Barack Obama represents “Angry Black Men” then?

Let’s face it…
Only a raging leftist could get away with such an insulting and racist comment.

Funny, Rush Limbaugh talked about this Leftist tactic of destroying reputations during that same speech last night:

Ladies and gentlemen of the United States, the Democrat Party has actively not just sought the failure of Republican presidents and policies and now wars for the first time, the Democrat Party doesn’t stop at failure. Talk to Judge Robert Bork or Justice Clarence Thomas about how they tried to destroy lives, reputations and character, and I’m supposed to say I don’t want the President to fail? [Applause]

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