Obama On Afghanistan– A Hodgepodge of Mixed Messages

Here are a few Obama-Afghanistan headlines from the last 20 days:

March 7, 2009–
Obama Announces We’re Losing War and He Is Open to Reaching Out to Taliban

March 11, 2009–
Genius Joe Biden: Only “5% of the Taliban Is Incorrigible”

March 11, 2009–
Taliban reminds Obama & Biden: “We’re not Moderate”

March 23, 2009–
Obama Already Looking For Way Out of Afghanistan

March 23, 2009–
Obama (Who was against Iraq War) Says: “Iraq War Was Easier Than Afghanistan”

March 24, 2009–
Obama will stay on offense in Afghanistan

March 24, 2009–
Team Obama Wants an Exit Strategy in Afghanistan

March 27, 2009–
Obama vows to ‘disrupt, dismantle and defeat’ Taliban

Considering his recent waffling, do you suppose the terrorists are shaking in their boots?
It’s hard to take this guy seriously.

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