British Sensation Daniel Hannan: "It's Common Sense When You Are In Debt You Spend Less- Anyone Except a Politician Can See That"

British Parliamentarian sensation Daniel Hannan dropped the common sense line of the year during his appearance on Hannity on Thursday night:

“It’s common sense that when you are in debt you spend less. Anyone except a politician can see that.”

Here is the video:

Hannan was sensational.

Palin-Hannan 2012!


Related… Daniel Henninger at The Wall Street Journal has more on the Democrat’s antipathy towards the private sector:

The current version of the party has largely broken free of any understanding whatsoever of the private sector — how it works or what it needs to function.

True socialists at least think about markets so they can criticize them. The Democratic Party’s leadership doesn’t stir to even that level of engagement. In the House, Senate and some corners of the Obama White House, the party is acting as if the marketplace was the world of an alien tribe, which it has to control through intimidation or demands for protective tribute (read: campaign contributions).

This is not true of the entire 90% of self-identified Democrats who voted for Barack Obama. But Democrats who work in real jobs rather than work for the mothership in Washington must recognize that the party’s obsessions are becoming ever less hospitable to a functioning economy, or Mr. Geithner’s labors to that goal.

UPDATE: The Jawa Report has another great video by Daniel Hannan.

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