BBC Praises Obama's "Christianity" In His Decision to Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research

One of the most dishonest campaign websites this year was Obama’s mock “Pro-Life” website paid for by George Soros that suggested Obama was pro-Life.

In reality Obama was the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide candidate in the last 35 years. Barack Obama even voted 4 times to support infanticide.

Already, Obama has signed several major pieces of abortion legislation in his first 50 days in office including using taxpayer money to pay for foreign abortions.
Today Obama signed legislation to use taxpayer money to kill embryos for research.
The BBC reported:

Correspondents say the policy change is part of President Obama’s pledge to make clear that his administration wants scientific research to be free from political interference.

Announcing his development, he described himself as a man of faith who had carefully weighed the implications of the decision, and said moving forward required a “delicate balance”.

Like Mr Bush, President Obama has profound Christian beliefs but he has defined the issue in terms of integrity.

To that end, he also signed a memorandum directing the White House’s science and technology office to develop a strategy for restoring scientific integrity to government.

Oh yeah… Obama’s profound Christian beliefs:

How could we forget.
Hat Tip Gini


More… Bob McCarty covered the creepy signing ceremony today.

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