Back From Spain And Morocco

The courtyard at The Cathedral of Seville in Seville, Spain. It is claimed to be the largest Gothic cathedral in the Christian world. The courtyard was a former bathing spot outside of the Muslim mosque before the Christians captured the city in 1248.

I took a taxi to Malaga Spain this morning at around 5:00 Spanish time to catch a flight to Madrid. I was hoping to get a chance to spend time with Jose and Nora but was disappointed I could not work it out. Nora was particularly patient with me this week as I tried to adjust my schedule to meet up for coffee. From Madrid I flew to Atlanta and then took a flight back to St. Louis tonight.
It was a wonderful time. I really enjoyed traveling with my sister and her friends and students.
Spain is rich in beauty.
Morocco was an experience I will not forget.
I hope to post more in the coming days.

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