Another Dem Donor Arrested– Stole $88 Million From Investors

Another Democratic donor was in court today for stealing millions from investors.
Manhattan art dealer Lawrence B. Salander stole $88 million from investors, collectors and artists.

Lawrence B. Salander (in handcuffs) pleaded not guilty to all charges in his indictment, his lawyer said. (New York Times)
The New York Times reported:

A once-prominent art dealer was arrested on Thursday on an indictment charging that he stole $88 million from investors, collectors and artists who had consigned paintings and sculpture to his Upper East Side gallery, the authorities said.

The Manhattan district attorney, Robert M. Morgenthau, said the dealer, Lawrence B. Salander, sometimes sold the same painting to more than one buyer. Aides to Mr. Morgenthau said Mr. Salander sold one painting to three people, promising each a 50 percent share.

Lawrence B. Salander, right, and his wife, Julie have contributed to democrats Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd.

Earlier this year dem donor Bernard Madoff was arrested for defrauding investors of over $50 billion and donor R. Allen Stanford was accused of defrauding investors of $8 billion.

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