Alaskan Troopergate Accuser Fined For Dirty Donations

Democratic state Senator Hollis French, the lead investigator in the Troopergate smear campaign against Governor Palin, promised his party that the results from the probe would be an “October surprise” that would “likely be damaging to the (Palin)administration.”

French was a staunch Obama supporter:

Hollis French (fifth from left) and fellow Troopergate hack Kim Elton (on left with beard), an Obama Campaign donor, sat on the Troopergate panel investigating popular governor Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin fired former public safety director Walt Monegan for several incidents of insubordination.
French and Monegan are close friends.
Hollis French is also a phony soldier.


Not one liberal media outlet mentioned that the investigation was tainted from the beginning. Not one.
The probe concluded the governor did nothing wrong in firing an insubordinate employee. But, it was in the news enough to damage Sarah Palin.

However, Hollis French was not as fortunate…
The Troopergate accuser French was fined this week for not reporting donations to his campaign.
The Newsminer reported, via Free Republic:

State Sen. Hollis French has been fined nearly $1,400 by the Alaska Public Offices Commission for not reporting donations.

The Anchorage Democrat said he made APOC aware of the donations when he discovered them last month when preparing his final report.

At issue is about a dozen checks totaling more than $2,800.

French says he’s filed amended reports including the missing checks. APOC issued the fine Monday, and French says he intends to pay it.

Related… The man accused of hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mail account now faces three new charges David Kernell now stands accused of wire fraud, obstruction of justice and identity theft.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest on the Troopergate gang–

The Palin Investigation players…

Senator Kim Elton has been picked by the Obama Administration for a new posh job.

Senator Kim Elton is very good friends with Senior Advisor Pete Rouse. He (Rouse) sits two doors down from Obama in the Whitehouse. Senior Advisor Pete Rouse use to live in Alaska and worked in the capitol.

The head investigator Steve Branchflower’s wife worked for Walt Monegan, the Trooper the whole case was built around.
We are watching to see ‘who’ receives further favor/payoffs from the Obama Administration for their investigation/propaganda. There are several more payoffs/promises that are due.

Other receivers of favor should be:
Steve Branchflower…and if not directly, then his wife.
Senator Hollis French
X-Senator/Blogger/Radio Host Andrew Halcro…….RINO
Radio Host Dan Fagin… RINO

And, now our lovely Walt Monegan is running for mayor. It is ironic, if Walt was dismissed improperly wouldn’t he sue the state for improper dismissal? Of all the reporting that went on… the biggest part of all missed is, HE QUIT. Palin offered him a different job from the one he had, and he said he wouldn’t take it and HE QUIT.

French wants to run for Governor, so we should start seeing more ‘dirty’ propaganda information coming….And the DNC will be sending their campaign people to the state soon, contact and tactics are already in play from the DNC.

Hat Tip Dave W.

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