AIG Board Member Named to Obama's Task Force on Tax Reform

President Barack Obama attacked AIG last saying the insurance giant was in financial straits because of “recklessness and greed.” Obama announced that he intended to stop AIG from paying out millions in executive bonuses.
The AP:

But, that didn’t stop Obama from naming one of AIG’s board members to his task force on tax reform.
CNN reported:

One of the people named this week to President Obama’s new Task Force on Tax Reform is a member of the AIG board of directors.

Martin Feldstein, a professor of economics at Harvard University, has been on the board of American International Group since 1988. He also was a prominent economic adviser to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Asked about the AIG connection, a senior administration official said Friday that the White House declined to comment on the story.

Like the others named to the tax reform task force, Feldstein also serves on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, which is headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

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