7 Arrested Over Dutch Bomb Plot– One Related to Madrid Bombing Suspect

The Amsterdam Arena was one of the targets. (Sky News)

Dutch police arrested 7 Dutch citizens of Moroccan origin for planning several bombings in Amsterdam.
The BBC reported:

Seven people have been arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of planning to blow up shops in Amsterdam.

Police said they had acted on a tip a day earlier from an anonymous caller in Belgium who had warned of attacks intended to cause many casualties.

The suspects, six men and a woman, are Dutch citizens of Moroccan origin.

The authorities closed a major shopping street in Amsterdam as a result. A concert by the American band The Killers was cancelled.

Police also raided a number of buildings in Amsterdam and Belgium.

Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen said the anonymous call to police on Wednesday night “wasn’t a regular bomb warning, but a warning of a planned action”.

“Men were planning to put explosives in the shops and wanted to cause casualties in busy places,” he said.

One of those arrested was related to a suspect in the 2004 Madrid train bombings, he added.

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(By the way, I just arrived in Madrid a couple hours ago.)

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