Zimbabwean Unity Govt. Seizes White-Owned Farms

In 2001 hundreds of people fled white-owned farms. (BBC)

The unity government in Zimbabwe just took over another 77 white-owned farms.
There are 400 white-owned farms left in the country of Zimbabwe.
The BBC reported:

Scores of white-owned farms in Zimbabwe have been invaded since the country’s national unity government took office, a union chief has told the BBC.

Commercial Farmers Union President Trevor Gifford said 77 properties had been occupied in the last fortnight.

MPs, police, the military and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe officials had taken part in the invasions, he said.

Many of the farmers targeted recently mounted a successful legal challenge to government land reforms, he added.

The BBC attempted to contact a number of officials from President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party – including the ministers of agriculture and lands – but no-one was available to comment on the farmers’ union claims.

The Telegraph says 100 farms were seized.

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