"Young Gun" Rep. Paul Ryan Talks Stimulus– "It Won't Work" (Video)

Young GunRep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke with Sean Hannity on Monday night to discuss the trillion dollar Obama spending bill.

Rep. Ryan said he hoped Obama’s trillion dollar boondoggle will work but that there was absolutely no historical evidence that it will be successful.

Oh well. At least democrats got all of their pet pork projects funded.
Ryan said in an interview earlier in the week:

That package is too large, not effective enough in terms of where the money will go, and not fast enough at creating jobs.

According to Heritage Blog— Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) asked the Congressional Budget Office to estimate the impact of permanently extending the 20 most popular provisions of the stimulus bill. What did the CBO find? …The true 10 year cost of the stimulus bill $2.527 trillion in in spending with another $744 billion cost in debt servicing.
Total bill for the Generational Theft Act: $3.27 trillion.


** That’s over 6 times the amount spent on the Iraq War over the past 5 years.

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