We Now Know 2 Things: 1) Henrietta Hughes Has a Long History of Financial Troubles 2) The MSM Doesn't Care

Henrietta met the prez this week. (Yahoo)

We now know 2 things for certain:

1.) Henrietta Hughes has a long history of financial problems. Her story even made the news back in 2004 before the current recession. She has been playing the system for years.
2.) Unlike “Joe the Plumber” the mainstream media was not going to look into Henrietta’s past.

Henrietta was the face they needed to push their massive redistribution of wealth plan.
That’s all they were interested in.


From Michelle Malkin‘s latest on Henrietta Hughes:

Before making a nationwide media splash with her savior President Barack Obama at the Ft. Myers revival rally, Henrietta Hughes had garnered public attention before. In 2004, she was living with her unemployed son in Rochester, NY. Good-hearted private citizens offered them help then, too, to supplement the government checks.

Dan Riehl reports that she is now being touted as “the face of the economic crisis” on a liberal website.

It appears as though Henrietta Hughes is not registered to vote in either Florida or New York – not sure about son Corey. Their names appear to come up listed as “owner(s)” on three distinct public housing units going back as far as 1983 – one in Georgia and two in Florida. As to reports she was living with “friends” in New York, that appears to be the home of her parents.

I have no idea why Henrietta Hughes may be homeless today. Unfortunate events happen to us all. My only point is, her troubles and need for public assistance seem to precede the current economic crisis and likely go back years.

It’s unclear what the status of any of these properties is today. One now seems to be owned by a builder. However, there is more via the Freepers. Some of the info seems to suggest at least one property is still in Corey’s name with taxes paid to date but may be vacant. Information below originally posted at WOD.

It looks like Henrietta and her son are grifters.
This is a very strange story.
It’s too bad we don’t have a media who will look into this.

Macsmind reported that according to records, she owns a house.

Will Henrietta Hughes Get the Joe the Plumber Treatment? (Video)

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