Vandals Attack Caracas Synagogue

Caracas synagogue vandalized…

Members of Jewish community walk in front of graffiti that reads “out Jewish 666” at a synagogue in Caracas, January 31, 2009. A group of unknown people entered the Union Isrraelita Caracas and engaged in acts of vandalism. (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views reported on this latest anti-Semitic attack.

The Caracas Synagogue was attacked on Friday night. It seems that the anti-Israel official attitude of the government which has a very hard time concealing the antisemitic nature of the top leadership is reaching deeper inside the red shirts of Chavez. The links of Chavez to Iran and its friends are becoming a real problem for Caracas Jews.
Daniel added this:


I did not think that yesterday’s post would be validated that fast: the synagogue of Caracas was attacked last night by a group of pro Chavez thugs. They knew perfectly well what they were doing, they knew how to find the Torah and left taking with them the surveillance videos. The antisemitism of Chavez is now having serious consequences. Preliminary information is found here and here. One more reason, if needed, to vote NO on February 15 and ensure that Chavez is gone by January 2013 at the latest. His language of hate is only going to have more and more negative consequences for the people of this country.

Chavez has been silent regarding the attack.

The BBC has a video posted on the attack.
Hat Tip Dan Friedman

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