Unreal… Dems Include Random-Undefined $1.6 Billion For "Science" In Stimulus With NO Description

Democrats rammed the largest spending bill through Congress yesterday without even giving members a chance to read it.

And, now we find out that they included whole undefined categories with hundreds of millions of dollars assigned to these mysterious pet projects.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) was on Hannity last night describing this horrific Democratic boondoggle:

This is the “Science” category Rep. Price was talking about:

Click to Enlarge
Page 63, Bill Text HR-1
Democrats just plopped down $1.6 billion for “Science” with no wording at all on where this money is going to be spent, who is going to spend it or what they are going to spend it on.

Democrats just voted to dump billions of taxpayer dollars on pet projects that are not even defined.
Do you suppose this might invite corruption?
Name one business that could get away with this.
Truly- The inmates are in complete control of the asylum.

UPDATE: JWF has more on Obama’s major milestone.

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