Terror Group Leader Takes Control of Somalia- Obama Approves

The Bush Administration viewed the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) a terrorist group. One of its founders, Aden Hashi Farah “Eyrow”, trained with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. But President Obama gave his blessing to ICU leader Sheik Sharif Ahmed‘s appointment as President of Somalia.

President Sharif Ahmed of Somalia was leader of the Islamic Courts Union. (Interet-General)
Asharq Alawsat reported:

The features of Obama’s presidency have started to become clear before the end of his first 100 days in office, upon which traditionally the performance of the new US President is assessed.

The Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, and with Obama’s blessing, is courting the Taliban leadership, promising them that those that chose peace with his government will be involved in power. While in Somalia, Sheik Sharif Ahmed of the Union of Islamic Courts [UIC] has become the new President of Somalia, the UIC was viewed as a terrorist organization by the Bush administration, but is viewed as moderate by the new US Obama administration. And so as I noted in my previous article [The Somalization of Hamas] Obama gave his blessing to Sheik Sharif Ahmed’s appointment as President.

Does anyone else besides Obama really believe this will turn out well?

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