Sen. Stabenow's Husband Busted Again– Worked As Illegal Lobbyist For His Wife's Top Campaign Donor

On February 5th the hooker accused of accepting money for sex from the husband of U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., served her five days in jail.
Now, Tom Athans is in trouble again for illegally working as a lobbyist for one of his wife’s major campaign donors.
Right Michigan is reporting this news:

United States Senators are busy people with demanding schedules. Its understandable if one of the most powerful members of the most powerful legislative body in the nation doesn’t know where her husband is and what he is doing twenty-four hours of every day. Still, you’d think better than a half-a-year employed by one of your major campaign donors as an illegally unregistered lobbyist… advocating a project you made a point of running against during your last statewide election… might raise a red flag or two.

That’s the reality Senator Debbie Stabenow has faced for the last six months as her husband, Tom Athans, made bank on the payroll of Democratic mega-donor and alleged lothario Jim Papas. Unfortunately, despite the unending rhetoric about transparency and ethics in the Dem controlled Congress, the Senator who once voted to establish the Senate Office of Public Integrity chose to turn a blind eye to her husband’s criminal actions, putting him, partisan election interests and the family bank account above Michigan residents and campaign promises.

Right Michigan has more.

Yesterday reported that Jim Athans was working on behalf of Detroit businessman Dimitrios (Jim) Papas who spent months urging public officials to reopen a hazardous waste injection wells in Romulus.


Busted!… Another Democrat Caught in Prostitution Ring

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