President Sn-Obama: "People Think I'm Cool" (Video)

“People think I’m cool.”

President Barack Obama
MSNBC White House Interview
February 1, 2009

If a big ego is needed to save the economy we are in good hands:

The president certainly is not lacking in pride.
MSNBC posted the flash video here.

Barack Obama tells Matt Lauer at a White House interview that aired before the Super Bowl, “People think I’m cool.”

Transcript is here:

LAUER: I was driving over here, Mr. President. I was thinking about this enormous transition that you’ve been through —

OBAMA: Right.

LAUER: — taking on the reins as commander-in-chief, Mrs. Obama becoming the First Lady. But you’ve got a daughter ten and a daughter seven. And this is a — huge game changer for them as well.

OBAMA: Yeah.

LAUER: How they doing?

OBAMA: You know, they — I said this I think in an earlier interview. People think I’m cool. Nobody’s cooler than my two girls. They just seem to take whatever comes with, you know — happiness and — steadiness. And they’re loving school. They’re making friends. In fact, they’ve got a — they’ve got some friends from school over — today and — they’ve already joined some clubs. And Sasha, you know — I think maybe to endear — myself to her, she — she decided she wanted to join a basketball team. So — what more could I want?

UPDATE: Mr. and Mrs. Sn-Obama are already tired of being in the White House.
…That only took two weeks.

UPDATE 2: What a shock– The new president is seen by some as arrogant.

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