Muslims Fire Rockets & Throw Pipebombs at Pro-Israel Rally… In Sweden (Video)

Infidel Bloggers reported on the violent attacks on Jewish protesters in Malmo, Sweden today.

Gates of Vienna has much more on the attacks.
Not even the “dialogue police” could stop the thugs today.

Swedish blogger Ted Eckeroth was there filming the attacks in Malmo.
Here is video of one of the rockets fired at the Jews earlier today:

Ted Eckeroth reported:


We were about 400-500 persons that showed up to show our support to Israel and its struggle against terrorism and arabic hate.

The arabs, that numbered about 100, where shouting “allah ahkbar” as they normally do and showed their hate towards Israel and the Jews with different slogans. It didnt take long until they started attacking us, this time with homemade pipebombs and fireworks. The home made bombs were pretty powerful, as I stood not to far away when one of them exploded. According to what I heard, the police managed to arrest the ones that threw the bombs. However, they did not disperse the arab crowd which they should have done according to me. In total there were two pipebombs, two rockets and some glass bottles.

The bombs didnt reach into our crowd since the distance between us was larger than last time, but the rockets exploded over the heads of the peaceful pro-israel demonstration.

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