It's Official: Netanyahu Will Form Government & Lead Israel

Good– Netanyahu will lead Israel.
There is still hope for Israel.

Israel Matsav broke the news this morning.

Livni is Livid–
The Jerusalem Post reported:

Earlier, after emerging from a meeting with Peres, Livni announced that she had no intention of joining a broad coalition under Netanyahu, despite the Likud chairman’s assertion that he was willing to “go to great lengths” in order to induce Kadima to join his government…

Netanyahu said repeatedly during the campaign that not forming a national-unity government when he was prime minister from 1996-99 was his worst-ever political mistake. But Livni left him no choice but to repeat it when she vowed to remain in the opposition.

Tzipi Livni sounds like the typical leftist sore loser.
Congratulations to Binyamin Netanyahu and to Israel.

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