It Has Begun… Sharpton Calls For Action Against Chimp Cartoonist

Next they came for the Travis the Chimp cartoonist…

Al Sharpton is demanding action be taken against the editorial cartoonist at the NY Post.

Sean Delonas used the bizarre case of the crazed flesh-eating Travis the Chimpanzee to comment harshly on the Democrats’ “stimulus” package.
This upset Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and other race baiters who said the chimp was an an attack on Dear Leader Obama.
However, this may be news to Al, but, Speaker Pelosi put together the trillion dollar stimulus bill, not Obama.

Al Sharpton protested the NY Post cartoonist who drew the Travis the Chimp cartoon.
Sharpton is demanding action against the cartoonist and editor of the NY Post for putting a chimp cartoon in their paper.
WCBS reported:


Editorial cartoons are supposed to provoke comment, but a cartoon in Wednesday’s New York Post is provoking protests.

The Rev. Al Sharpton and community activists say the image lampooning President Obama’s stimulus plan is racist.

Activists, politicians and civil rights leaders are gathering at noon outside the New York Post headquarters in Manhattan.

CBS 2 HD spoke with many protestors who expressed outrage over the cartoon.

“I’m outraged that they’d have the audacity to use this cartoon and not think that it would have an impact for people…how in the world do you have the audacity?” asked Hazel Dukes, President of the New York State NAACP and member of The National Board of Directors.

“It’s kind of a vicious personal attack. The attacks are beginning. They obviously have a racist character, which is highly upsetting and disappointing,” said Upper West Side resident Michael Skakum.

The editorial cartoon in question shows a police officer shooting a chimpanzee to death while his partner says, “they’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

“If they wouldn’t have said the word ‘stimulus’ than perhaps they could have gotten away with it, but even then,” said Dukes.

It just figures that this chimp story started on the deranged left wing blogs and was then picked up by the media:

Earlier today it was reported that a man in Oklahoma had his house searched by the Secret Service for driving with an anti-Obama sign on his vehicle.
This is evidently the change we’ve been looking for.

UPDATE: CrystalD thinks Al is so hot and bothered with the NY Post because they reported on his tax problems last year.
That would not be surprising.

And, This about sums it up:

The stimulus bill is a “Travis-ty!”

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