Chimp Bites Woman, Chews Off Her Hands & Eats Them (Video)

Travis the Chimp was on Xanax at the time of the attack.
The chimp tried to open a police car door before he was shot.

Friends of Travis are leaving bouquets at his home today.

FOX News reported that Travis bit off the victim’s hands, chewed them and ate them. He continued to eat the victim before he was stabbed in the back by his owner and fled the scene. Travis then tried to get at a cop inside a police car when he was shot several times. He died in his cage.
ABC reported:

Travis the chimpanzee, a veteran of TV commercials, was the constant companion of a lonely Connecticut widow who fed him steak, lobster and ice cream. He could eat at the table, drink wine from a stemmed glass, use the toilet, and dress and bathe himself.

He brushed his teeth with a Water Pik, logged on to a computer to look at photos and channel-surfed television with the remote control.

But on Monday, the wild animal in him came out with a vengeance.

The 200-pound animal viciously mauled a friend of his owner before being shot to death by police.

Investigators are trying to figure out why — whether it was a bout of Lyme disease, a reaction to drugs, or a case of instinct taking over.

“It’s hard to say what exactly precipitated this behavior,” said Colleen McCann, a primatologist at the Bronx Zoo. “At the end of the day, they are not human and you can’t always predict their behavior and how they or any other wild animal will respond when they feel threatened.”

Police said that Travis was agitated earlier Monday and that Herold had given him the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in some tea. Police said the drug had not been prescribed for the 14-year-old chimp.

The owner now says she never gave the chimp a Xanax.

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