Cheap Shot Chris Matthews Vs. Rick Santelli… Matthews Asks Him Who He Voted For! (BTW- It Was McCain)

“Your name is permanently iconized. The President of the United States has sent his spokesman after you. You’re up there with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. It’s quite a team. You’re probably the smartest in that group, I’ll tell you that.”

Chris Matthews
Interview with Rick Santelli who dared attack Dear Leader on his mortgage rescue plan
February 20, 2009

More media cheap shots…
After White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs attacked CNBC reporter Rick Santelli during his press conference today, Chris Matthews followed up by attacking Santelli personally on his show tonight.
He even asked Santelli who he voted for.

By the way, Santelli was terrific again:

Rick Santelli responded to the attacks on him from the White House press briefing by Robert Gibbs today. Gibbs wondered if Santelli read Obama’s plan (Which is rich, since that’s more than anyone in Congress did before voting last week for the Obama Spendulus plan). Matthews gets a shot in on him at the end when he says his name has been iconized with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

So, is the Team “O” going to continue to single out and attack all of their public critics?
Is that the new hope and change?

The New Editor has more on Santelli.

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UPDATE: John adds:

“Anything Matthews spews is “shovel ready” in my opinion.”


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