Change! Obama to Lift Sanctions Against Syria & May Allow Travel to Cuba

What Axis of Evil?

For the first time in 30 years, Syria will be taken off the list of the State Sponsors of Terrorism.
Why?… Who knows.
Jihad Watch reported:

Syria has been listed by the State Department as among the State Sponsors of Terrorism since December 29, 1979.
Is Obama going to remove that designation?
On what grounds?


“Obama preparing to lift sanctions against Syria,” from the World Tribune, February 9 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

NICOSIA — President Barack Obama has decided on a new U.S. ambassador to Syria and is expected to lift sanctions against a nation charged with aiding Al Qaida in Iraq and secretly building a nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance.

Diplomatic sources said Obama, in consultation with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has asked Frederic Hof to become the first U.S. ambassador to Damascus since 2005. The sources said Hof, a member of the National Advisory Committee of the Middle East Policy Council, agreed to take the post.

“There will be an announcement very soon,” a diplomat said.

For the first time in 46 years, democrats hope to pass legislation to permit unrestricted travel to Cuba.
AFP reported:

Lawmakers in the US House of Representatives have introduced a bill to permit US citizens unrestricted travel to Cuba, according to the Library of Congress website.

The “Freedom To Travel to Cuba Act,” which would overturn the 46-year-old US policy strictly limiting travel to the Caribbean island, will be subject to debate after being referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

The bill, introduced by Massachusetts Democrat Bill Delahunt and backed by eight other lawmakers, states that “the President may not regulate or prohibit, directly or indirectly, travel to or from Cuba by United States citizens or legal residents.”

Currently US nationals are supposed to request Treasury Department permission to visit Cuba.

No wonder Fidel Castro is writing strange letters to fellow revolutionary Rahm Emanuel.

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