Change… It Used to Be We Found Out About the Crooks After They Were In Office

Today’s Hope and Change…
Timothy Geithner didn’t pay his taxes, collected on taxes he didn’t pay and lied about it. He was confirmed by the senate to head the Treasury Department anyway.

Tom Daschle didn’t pay taxes either. Democrats and the liberal media call it a glitch. The White House spokesman says, “Nobody’s perfect.”
And as for the president…
Obama ‘absolutely’ stands by Daschle at HHS

Well he did until he started getting some flack for having not one, but two tax cheats in his cabinet.

Later today Obama changed his tune…
White House: Obama considers Daschle issue serious

It doesn’t matter, though.
He’ll still probably get confirmed by the senate.


LawHawk has more on Obama’s tax cheats.

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