Barack Obama Addresses Joint Session of Congress. 2-24-2009

A Day of Reckoning
President Obama addresses Congress and speaks to the American people on his plans for America.
Excerpts from his speech are here.

** Here is a transcript of his speech.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg received a warm welcome tonight. She is battling pancreatic cancer and had surgery just two weeks ago.


Jennifer Loven already filed her review of tonight’s speech. She even included her AP complete with her attacks on Republicans.

Obama opens up– Crisis in Ameria, *drink*

Obama bashes the American people, *drink*

Obama “I don’t believe in bigger government.” A lie- *drink* twice

Obama’s tax cuts will begin on April Fools Day. That’s fitting.

Some are skeptical whether this gigantic Generational Theft Act will work.
That’s why Joe Biden is the Spendulus czar– Nobody messes with Joe.

The cameras are now focusing on tax cheat Timothy Geithner as Obama talks about credit and banking crisis.
Pelosi’s blinking is distracting.

I will not spend a single penny to help a Wall Street executive, *drink*
…It’s not about helping banks its about helping people.

The mountain of debt our children will inherit, *drink*

China has launched the largest effort to make their country energy independent(?)
It is time for America to lead again in green energy initiatives.
We will double the nation’s supply of renewable energy in the next 3 years.
We will lay down thousands of miles of power lines.
(This will cost billions.)

Obama introduces cap and trade. What a horrible idea.
This will cost America millions of jobs.

Health Care–
We can no longer afford to put healthcare reform on hold.
It’s time.
Congress already passed legislation to cover children who’s parents work fulltime (and make up to $80K a year)
Obama says he will seek a cure for cancer in our time.
Comprehensive healthcare reform. It’s a step we must take to bring down our deficit(?)
Healthcare reform cannot wait another year.

Every child will have access to a complete and competitive education from the day they are born to the day they are ready to enter the work force.
Obama asks every American for one year or more of a post high school education.

REPUBLICANS APPLAUD to the promise to not leave deficit to our children. A lie!
A plan free of Earmarks — A HUGE LIE!
The democrats are shameless. Absolutely shameless.
We will cut weapons systems.
We will end tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas.

We will end tax breaks for rich.
He’s full of it. Your tax cut checks are on the way.

Obama will regain your trust.
No longer will we hide the price of war.
(Was it really hidden?)
By the way… Democrats have already spent twice as much as the cost of the War in Iraq already.

I am closing Gitmo. Living our values makes us safer.
The United States of America does not torture. *drink*

Hope is found in unlikely places.
Obama talks about Greensburg Kansas… That rings a bell.

Surprise… As his speech ends, the cut and runner does not mention any military heroes.

UPDATE: Paul at Power Line called it, “Obama’s magical mystery tour.”

John at Power Line is not so kind:

The problem with governing is that he will now have to take responsibility for his decisions. Obama is committed to policies that will damage our economy, run up trillions of dollars in debt, increase taxes, cause inflation, make the nation less competitive, feed unproductive Democratic Party constituencies at the expense of the “real” economy, and make the United States weaker abroad. He can give any number of speeches, and Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their cohorts will applaud. But reality will not yield so easily.

Well said.

UPDATE 2: The media is predictably awed by Dear Leader’s socialist speech.

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