Outrage!… Prince Harry Caught On Tape Calling Soldier a "Raghead" (Video)

Prince Harry calls a squaddie a “raghead” during training.
The video is from 3 years ago on a training mission but is just now making it into the news:

Via Breitbart

What the media does not report is that “Paki” was the nickname they all used for the Pakistani member in their squadron and that he wasn’t offended by it.

Prince Harry was caught in the middle of another controversy after he was taped
calling an Asian squaddie, “Our little Paki friend,” and tells another officer cadet jokingly wearing a camouflage veil off duty: “F*** me, you look like a raghead!”

Harry, 24, third in line to the throne, also astonishingly mocked the Queen— who is the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army —while acting out a mobile phone call to her in front of other cadets at a field camp in Cyprus.

Since the beginning of time man has made up demeaning nicknames for his enemy. That’s going to all stop now. In today’s multi-culti world you must be considerate of the enemy’s feelings before you shoot them dead. I’m not saying what Harry did was right. But, look for accusations of “Islamophobia” before this whole thing is over.

Of course, the Leftists and media are going crazy over this horrific and racist language used by the Prince.
They want Harry disciplined.
Harry was forced to make an apology for the racial slur on Saturday.

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