PEPSI Changes Logo to Coincide With Historic Age of Obama …Update: Pepsi Chief Meets With Obama

It’s time to saddle up those unicorns
PEPSI kicks off Age of Obama (AB- After Barack) with a new Oba-logo and Hopey-Change website to honor the Marxisant radical:

It’s a cult.

Click below to go to the “O”ptimism website:

Debbie Schlussel also discovered that Honest Tea is in the tank for Obama too:

Debbie adds this: One of my fave low-cal teas, Honest Tea (which is also Obama’s fave) is now in the tank for him, too, proclaiming that this proven liar is “Honest.”


UPDATE: What a shock– Pepsi chief guest at Obama foreign policy dinner

Pepsi’s president Indra Nooyi likened the US to the middle finger in 2005.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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