Pelosi & Dems Start Celebrating Before Trillion $$$ "Stimulus" Binge Is Passed… Update: Bill Fails to Gain Single GOP Vote

UPDATE: The House Stimulus Bill failed to gain a single vote from the GOP today.
The Bill just passed 244 to 188.
177 Republicans and 11 Democrats opposed the democrat’s 40 year wish list.

Please take time to thank your GOP Representative–
Michelle Malkin posted contact information earlier today.

Speaker Pelosi was all smiles when she announced the final vote.
The Far Left House leader failed to gain the support of a single Republican:

It was a hollow victory.
Nice work, Speaker.


Hope & Arrogance is in…
Pelosi and democrats celebrate historic trillion dollar spending binge before the votes were even counted.
FOX News reported

Democratic congressional leaders practically declared victory Wednesday afternoon — ahead of the House of Representatives’ vote on a $819 billion economic stimulus package.

The massive recovery package has stirred consternation among Republicans who say their ideas are not being adequately considered. But Democrats have a comfortable majority in the House and stressed that fact in a talk with reporters.

“If there is somebody who is disgruntled, so be it. But we will have an overwhelming vote,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. She and more than a half-dozen other Democrats touted the bill and chided Republicans for pushing what they called the kind of failed policies that led to the economic crisis.

“The Republicans are talking about process. I think when you lose the argument on substance, on policy, what do you do? You talk about process and you talk about personality,” she said.

The House has started to debate a series of amendments on the stimulus package, after which lawmakers will vote on final passage.

Meanwhile, House Republican leaders were standing firm in their opposition to the stimulus plan. Just ahead of the House vote, they insisted that their own plan, focusing on tax relief, would create twice as many new jobs — 6.2 million — as the plan Obama is pushing, while costing about half as much.

The Admiral congratulates the GOP Representatives:

Good start GOP. Next step is to make the Marxists own it. This is their plan, their government, their mess and ultimately their Depression. Don’t ever let the American people think otherwise.

And, RFW adds this:

Thank you House Republicans for unanimously voting against this. It only would have taken one or two votes for the media to declare this huge mistake of a bill bipartisan.


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