Paris "Peace Activists" Cap Off Rally With Looting Spree

Pro-Hamas “peace protesters” marched Saturday in Paris.
After the rally 500 of the protesting “youths” turned violent, throwing objects at police, burning Israeli flags, overturning and torching cars, and vandalizing several shops. Ten police officers were injured in the clashes and 20 protesters arrested.

Overturned cars are seen during a demonstration against ongoing Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip, in Paris, Saturday Jan. 3, 2009. Thousands of protesters across Europe march, rally and even hurl shoes or stones to demand an end to Israel’s week-old campaign of air attacks on the Gaza Strip. (AP/Thibault Camus).

One boutique was looted of $250,000 worth of stock.
Expatica and ROP reported:

Looters ransacked a Paris watchmaker and grabbed more than EUR 200,000 worth of stock in the wake of a protest against Israel’s Gaza offensive, the shop said Monday.

A manager of the Louis Pion boutique in central Paris’ Opera district said “40 vandals came in, in three successive waves at three-minute intervals,” on Saturday. Police confirmed they had opened an inquiry.

More than 20,000 demonstrators marched in Paris on Saturday to protest Israel’s assault on Palestinian Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip and, while most dispersed peacefully, between 200 and 300 went on the rampage.

Meanwhile in Great Britain… A synagogue was set ablaze and anti-Semitic attacks soar.
This attack followed the synagogue bombing in Toulouse, France on Monday.

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