Outrageous!… ABC Host Stephanopoulos Asks Obama About Prosecuting "Gravest" Bush Crimes (Video)

When was President Bush indicted?
When were the top officials of his administration indicted?… And, for what?

What were their crimes?… Keeping America safe for 8 years?… Liberating 50,000,000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan?… Spreading democracy?… Fighting Islamic radicals when Democrats voted to surrender?

This exchange on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos was outrageous and Barack Obama’s response was equally disgusting.
George asks Obama about prosecuting the “gravest” Bush crimes.
As shown of FOX News:

Stephanopoulos took this question from Obama’s Change.gov website but the fact that he even asked it without batting an eye shows an astounding level of liberal bias.
And, Obama showed his Far Left roots by responding to this nonsense.
Change. My. A$$.

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