Obama: "US Will Not Torture" (Video)

It’s a great day in the caves of Pakistan…
Barack Obama says there will be no more torture:

No more cold rooms. No more loud music. No more belly slaps.
Now the world will love us again.
Thank goodness.

Of course there are some loopholes in Obama’s legislation.
LA Times reported:

But there were significant loopholes with both the orders to close the Guantanamo detention center and to overhaul the interrogation program.

On Capitol Hill, Dennis Blair, the retired admiral nominated to be the director of national intelligence, said the government would look at revising the rules in the U.S. Army Field Manual, a move that could allow the CIA to add additional interrogation techniques.

And the Obama administration will give itself a year to close the prison at Guantanamo, a timeline that will allow the government to determine which detainees should be tried, which should be transferred and what to do with new accused terrorists captured by the United States.

Maybe the terrorists will be nice to us now.

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