Media Labels Mainstream Christian Leader a "Radioactive" Pastor

Yahoo today reports on 5 things you need to watch for while watching the inauguration today including the “radioactive pastors.” Notice how Rick Warren is labeled a conservative evangelical but the first openly gay married bishop is left without a label:

4. Christian controversy?
Obama vowed to be a president who would listen to all sides of an argument. And if his choices for inaugural prayers are any indication, he will be. Gay-rights activists were enraged when he chose conservative evangelical minister Rick Warren, who had made controversial statements about gay relationships, to deliver the invocation.

Then, Obama asked openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson to say a prayer at a pre-inauguration event at the Lincoln Memorial, which, as Huffington Post points out, wound up not being broadcast on HBO.

Was Obama smartly playing both sides? Robert King at The Indianapolis Star sums it up by asking, “What’s up with Obama and his radioactive pastors?”

And when confronted with a backlash from gays on the choice of Warren for an inaugural prayer, Obama didn’t just go and choose a bishop sympathetic to gay causes, or a gay clergy from a denomination with no battles over gays, he chose the most controversial gay clergyman in the land. He bought top shelf radioactivity…. The next four years should be anything but dull.

It’s funny that when Barack Obama’s pastor of 20 years finally made it into the news last year he was never labeled radioactive.

Instead we were told by the media that this nutbag and Obama mentor was just your average pastor from a typical black church.

61% of Americans support Rick Warren for invocation pick.

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