Man Digs Himself Out– Escapes Stoning Death in Iran

An Afghani man managed to dig himself out of a ditch before he was stoned to death in Iran last week.
Iranian Rooz Online reported:

Three men were officially stoned in the city of Mashhad in Eastern Iran on Thursday, one ‎of whom survived the ordeal.‎

An informed source in Mashhad told RoozOnline that three were stoned in the Behesht ‎Zahra cemetery in Mashhad. Mahmud M.G of Afghan nationality succeeded in pulling ‎himself out of the ditch where he had been buried for the stoning and escaped death. The ‎other two dies of wounds inflicted by the stones. Under Islamic punishment, if a person ‎can survive or escape the ordeal, s/he is considered kosher. ‎

In Iran, unlike other Islamic countries, stoning is an official punishment for those who ‎engage in sex with another married person. One of the wrongdoers by the name of ‎Hushang K. had been sentenced for engaging in sex. No detailed reports about the crimes ‎of the other two have been formally announced.‎

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