Liberal Senate Panel Approves Tax Cheat to Head IRS

The Senate Finance Committee approved tax cheat Geithner today.
The AP reported:

The Senate Finance Committee on Thursday cleared the nomination of Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary despite unhappiness over his mistakes in paying his taxes.

The committee approved the nomination on an 18-5 vote, sending it to the full Senate for a vote either Friday or next week. President Barack Obama is hoping for quick approval so that the point man for the administration’s economic rescue effort can begin work.

The committee vote came a day after Geithner appeared before the panel to apologize for what he called “careless mistakes” in failing to pay $34,000 in taxes earlier in the decade, when he worked at the International Monetary Fund.

What the AP fails to mention is that the Turbotax software Geithner used prompts you to pay your to pay self-employment taxes.
Geithner ignored the Turbotax command, ignored paying his taxes and then ignored telling the truth about it.

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